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How to Create a Pie Chart

I have created a sample budget in a Google Excel worksheet.    We will be using this worksheet in order to learn how to create a pie chart. If you have never created a chart, then you can use this as your guide.    All of the necessary steps and screenshots are listed here, so feel free just sit back and follow along.    Then afterwards, you can try it yourself.


To begin, you will want to highlight the Items, starting at cell A3, moving to B3, then scrolling down to B12.


You should now have cells A3 – B12 highlighted (see screenshot above).
While these cells are highlighted, look to the upper left of your web browser and select the word Insert, then select Chart (see screen below).


Take a look at the new screen that has just appeared.   Note that the first two are the best charts to use from this group. The first one is called a “column chart”. The second one (the colorful circle) is called a “pie chart”. Select the pie chart, and then click on the Insert button (at the bottom left).


That’s no place for the chart. We will need to move it. Click on any white space near the chart, and drag it over to the right.


Take a good look at the pie chart you just created. That’s right, you just created this pie chart, with just a few clicks.   It sure is pretty. It is also informative. Notice all of the things that were automatically done for you. See how all of the items have a different color. Look at the percentage. Do you see what this pie chart is telling you? See how much going to the mortgage. That’s quite a bit. What about the the credit cards. That’s over 10%.  Trust me, a chart will speak to you.


Making Minor changes to your chart

There are so many more things you can do with this chart. Why not make a few minor changes.
Let’s change the title of the chart.
  • Now, right click on any “white area” on the chart.
  • A small pop up box will appear.
  • Select Title.


Let’s change the title to “Items and Percentages”.     If you have used Microsoft Word or Excel, then you already know what to do. If not, follow these steps.

  • Click on the title.
  • Type in “Items and Percentages”.
  • Hit the Enter key.


Now let’s change the color of the background. Right click on the chart once again to bring up the small pop-up Edit box. Select “Chart Area”. Notice that a small rectangle has appeared at the top middle of the chart. If you look closely, you will see a “small jar of paint”. Click on this icon, and a selection of many colors will be displayed. Click on any color to change the background of the chart. Try not to choose any of the colors in the pie chart. I will choose a light yellow color.


Very nice looking pie chart. Well done.


If you want to save your chart, you will need to select File, then select Rename. You can also download the chart, as an Excel file, a PDF or any of the other many selections available.


Congratulations ! ! !
You now know how to create a chart.    You also have an idea as to how to begin working with a pie charts. You can use this as a guide. You can do the same thing using your own budget.    Why not do it to see what your pie chart will tell you.    So c’mon, create your own pie chart.